Fried fish by the water

Cooking Sustainably

I love deep fried fish – thin batter coating fresh fish, crispy and hot, and fresh from the deep fat fryer. I don’t know about you, but I never deep fry at home, especially since we decided life would be quieter and the head bumping statistics less remarkable by getting rid of the extractor fan. Now, I don’t think an open window and a Price’s Cooks Candle could cope with the resulting stench.

The local chippie must have been pleased for our loss though, and we are often nipping for a fish supper.  Looking forward to crispy light batter, around succulent pieces of fresh haddock. Most times it nears  the expectation. And if the night is especially dark and cold, the expectations are lowered.

Expectations are also lowered when it is way past lunchtime, with two hungry girls, and you don’t know on which Amsterdam canal you have pulled up…

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